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Welcome to Woof Lodge

Our goal for pet care is to ensure the happiness, safety, and comfort of your furry loved ones. We love animals and understand the importance of having your pet feel loved and well cared for no matter where they may be.


At Woof Lodge, we strive to create a "home away from home" environment for your pups. We board a limited number of dogs so that nobody feels overwhelmed and can always find their special spot to relax.


It is truly a privilege to get to know the different personalities and quirks of your loved ones and we are honored to provide a place where your pets can be themselves and feel at home.


Our Services


Your furry friends stay with us and our other doggie playmates here at Woof Lodge. Your pups will get lots of cuddles and social time with their doggie friends.

Don't worry -- there is no shortage of toys to play with either. During their down time, they also have a plethora of beds and crates to snooze in, as well as a giant couch to lounge on.

One dog: $55 per 24 hours*

Two dogs: $80 per 24 hours*

*Daycare rates may apply

$25/each additional dog


All drop-in visits are tailored to best suit the individual needs of both you and your pup.

That said, these will all include the essentials; fresh water, feeding, potty break, administering medications, and of course, love, play and affection.

One Dog: $30

Two Dogs: $45


In the comfort of your home, your kitty will have all the love and attention they want or be left quietly alone to observe the essentials; litter box clean up, feeding, fresh water, administering medications, and anything else they might need. 

Up to two cats

20 Min. Visit: $30

40 Min. Visit: $45

$5/each additional cat

Some Happy Pups


Contact Us

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Thanks for choosing Woof Lodge!

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